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You have the right to competent legal representation and Just Cause Advocacy can provide it!

Small Claims Court Services

From consumer to business matters, Our paralegal make sure you get the best possible outcome.

RSLA Matters

Need help with RSLA, or the Repair Storage and Liens Act? Contact Just Cause Advocacy for Help!

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you may need to handle the disputes related to your lease contract.

Professional Legal Services

Here at Just Cause Advocacy, our experienced paralegals have all the needed licenses and certifications to offer related legal services. No matter what your case is, our legal professionals can show you the best way to resolve it. Our legal firm in Toronto, Ontario is different from others since our licensed paralegals can give you the work quality and the guaranteed expertise you are seeking.

Are you looking for free legal advice throughout Ontario? Look no further than Just Cause Advocacy. We are always here to help and solve your legal issues.

Professional Paralegals

Do you have legal issues and want to know how to solve them? You can find the answers to your questions now, and there is no need to wait. Our Ontario legal experts are proud that we offer a wide range of legal services designed for different needs and demands. We provide legal services in Toronto, Mississauga, North York, Scarborough, and the surrounding areas.  

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Committed to helping our clients succeed

Just Cause Advocacy is a paralegal firm based in Mississauga, Ontario that is dedicated to providing Ontario residents with comprehensive legal services within the scope of practice for paralegals. Just Cause Advocacy is committed to helping clients navigate the complex legal system and find solutions to their legal issues.

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Paralegal services are an affordable and convenient option for those seeking legal representation on specific matters within the scope of practice for paralegals in Ontario. An experienced, knowledgeable, and professional paralegal can provide practical legal advice and represent you in court.

They can offer their clients advisory measures on a wide range of topics, including landlord and tenant disputes, contractual issues, human rights violations, and legal paperwork.

A paralegal can handle all your legal proceedings in Small Claims Court, including filing court documents, representing clients in court, and ensuring that all the necessary steps are followed for a successful outcome. 

Services We Offer in Just Cause Advocacy

  • Small Claims Court:

Here in Ontario, many different arguments can be resolved in small claims court to decrease the final expenses and boost the speed of the process. If you are experiencing such a condition, you can visit our successful small claims court paralegals to achieve the best outcomes.

No matter if you are dealing with a breach of contract or suffer from unpaid loans and accounts, our paralegals and legal experts can help you in the best way possible. We understand how addressing their legal issues in the shortest time possible matters. That’s why we always provide our clients with the most effective approaches.

From preparing legal papers to representing you in court, our paralegals offer the highest quality of paralegal services in this field. If you have a legal case that should be resolved in the small claims court of Ontario, don’t waste time and visit our paralegals right away. We provide free paralegal advice for all valued clients.

  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes:

One of the most challenging cases an individual can deal with is the landlord and tenant disputes. In such cases, you should be aware of your rights and how you can win the dispute finally. Fortunately, our landlord and tenant paralegals in Toronto and the surrounding areas are perfectly educated in this matter and offer all related legal services, such as assistance with lease agreements, disputes about property maintenance, eviction proceedings, etc.

Professionals of Just Cause Advocacy provide our clients with effective legal guidance to preserve their rights and interests. 

  • RSLA Matters:

Another legal case that many landlords and tenants may be dealing with is about RSLA matters. According to this rule, both parties should completely understand and comply with the Residential Tenancies Act in Ontario.

Our specialized paralegals are experts in this field with years of education, expertise and knowledge. They can review the agreements between two parties or represent their client whenever needed. 

  • Tribunal advocacy:

Another important service our professionals offer is effective tribunal advocacy for those clients who want to face administrative tribunals. Our professional paralegals represent their clients in various issues such as licensing issues, human rights matters, etc. 

  • Notary Public Services:

Another popular service of our paralegal office is notary public. Here, our best paralegals can help clients with the certification of different legal documents, oaths, affiliations, etc.

These legal services can be very helpful for clients because most of them aren’t aware of how legal procedures go in Ontario, and it’s better to have such processes administered by our paralegals. 

If you need our paralegals’ free consultation, contact our top paralegal firm right now!

Our Practice Areas

Just Cause Advocacy is located in Mississauga, however, we provide legal services across Ontario.

small claims court
small claims court

Small Claims Court

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Just Cause Advocacy Paralegal Services

Breach of Contract

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unpaid accounts or loans

Unpaid Accounts or Loans

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RSLA Matters

notary public
notary public

Notary Public

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tribunal advocacy

Tribunal Advocacy

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Client's Testimonials

Just Cause Advocacy specializes in a wide range of legal areas, including small claims court, RSLA matters, notary public services, tribunal advocacy, and landlord and tenant disputes.

I successfully evicted my trouble tenant thanks to Just Cause Advocacy and Babak. I am very happy with the way they helped me and the fee they charged me. I will definitely hire them again if I want to sue anybody!!

Peter Venner

I Hired Just Cause Advocacy to sue for an unpaid invoice and my case ended with me winning which was wonderful. i highly recommend this firm if anybody needs paralegal for any reason

Omid Fard