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You need to be fully aware of your human and citizenship rights and stand up to discrimination and violations of these fundamental rights. Discrimination can take place in various environments, from the academic sphere to the working space and even in the most basic aspects of everyday life.

tribunal advocacy toronto

According to the Ontario Human Rights Code, people are legally protected against discrimination due to their Age, ancestry, color, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status (including single status), gender identity, gender expression, receipt of public assistance (in housing only), the record of offenses (in employment only), sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding) and sexual orientation. This law also defines some protected social areas which include accommodation (housing), contracts, employment, goods, services, and facilities, and membership in unions, trade, or professional associations.

The legal procedure of pursuing a case of human rights violation entails issuing a complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal, which in such matters, acts as a mediator and attempts to settle the case. If the disputing parties do not come to an agreement, the Human Rights Tribunal Committee will then issue a notice for a hearing. 

Human Rights violation cases can be quite difficult and confusing; therefore, having a professional can help walk you confidently through the process of defending your rights.

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