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We give our clients legal advice that is focused on finding solutions and is creative.

Just Cause Advocacy is a Paralegal Firm located in the City of Mississauga in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Litigation in Small Claims Court and Landlord and Tenant cases are often complex legal matters where laws and regulations often change quickly. We can offer you the comprehensive support that you require in order to ensure success in your legal matter. This includes not only being aware of the current applications of law and policies, but also developing the right strategy unique to your personal needs. Babak Karimkhani, the founder and owner of Just Cause Advocacy, is a Paralegal who is licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. Law Society of Ontario regulates Paralegals, similar to lawyers, to ensure they meet professional standards, competence and professionalism as well as carrying errors and omissions insurance. He appreciates the importance of hard work, punctuality and integrity in his daily practice of assisting clients succeed in their legal matters. If you are faced with a landlord and tenant dispute, have been sued in Small Claims Court or need to sue a person or company, please contact us for a free consultation. If we determine that we are able to handle your legal matter, Babak Karimkhani will personally take carriage of your file from beginning to the end. Just Cause Advocacy offers variety of legal services, within the scope of practice for paralegals as authorized by Law Society of Ontario, and represents clients in Ontario. We have represented individuals and corporations with their legal matters in Courts and Tribunals across Ontario.

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