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RSLA, or the Repair and Storage Liens Act, acts as a legally binding agreement between the parties involved in a storage or repair contract that aims at regulating the rights and obligations of repair shops, lien holders, and storage facilities.

For instance, if you are a storekeeper and you have made a storage contract, but your payments are delayed, or if you signed a repair document and finished your job yet you are having trouble with receiving your fee, or if you think you have been overcharged for repairing a piece of equipment or a vehicle, these can all be dealt with under this Act. The RSLA also provides for dispute resolution to preserve the rights of both the lien holders and the consumers. Furthermore, it sets out the rules for terms of payment, disposal of the goods, and the termination of the contract if necessary.

Since storage and repair disputes can be overwhelming and sometimes even problematic, it is of utmost importance for businesses operating in Ontario to understand their rights and obligations outlined under the RSLA. To resolve such issues and to protect and claim your rights, you may need legal advice. A Paralegal can help clarifying the legal procedures for you and might be of great assistance in such complex matters.

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