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Just Cause Advocacy is a trusted paralegal office serving North York with various legal services within the scope of the authority of paralegals. We strive to deliver paralegal services in a timely, result-oriented manner. We guide you step-by-step through the entire legal process and ensures you are fully aware of your rights.

Paralegals are licensed to take cases everywhere in Ontario including North York. Rest assured that you can feel confident, safe, and comfortable knowing your case will be in reliable hands at Just Cause Advocacy. We take pride in being accessible to North York residents for a diverse range of legal disputes and matters.

Professional Paralegals in North York

If you have just searched for the best paralegal services in North York, visit us at Just Cause Advocacy. Our paralegal experts in North York provide the highest quality of services and are perfectly educated, licensed, and skilled in this field. Furthermore, they are registered with the Law Society of Ontario, which is a very considerable advantage and can help you make a wider decision.

Visit us now and hire a highly experienced and best paralegal in North York with the needed expertise, skills, and education.

small claims court

Our Top Paralegal Services in North York

If the legal issue you are dealing with is covered by our legal services, you can be sure you will receive the best solutions to your legal issue and have the smoothest and most effective approach possible.

Some cases related to small claims court, landlord and tenant disputes, human rights tribunals, and many other legal problems can be perfectly resolved by our North York paralegals since they have the needed expertise and level of professionalism in such fields.

We also offer neighborhood legal services in other surrounding areas. You can contact our well-known paralegal firm right now. 

The Benefits of Asking a Paralegal to Help

The benefit of working with our North York legal team is receiving the highest quality of legal services at the most cost-effective prices possible. Our paralegal firm near North York, Just Cause Advocacy, is proud of its dedicated and experienced team of paralegals in North York and can guarantee the quality of offered services.

Moreover, our approaches are all innovative, which makes us a cutting-edge law firm in North York.

Our North York paralegals will review your case carefully in the first meeting to find the best solution according to your condition. They analyze your needs and communicate with you to gain the best outcomes in the end. You will be kept informed in every stage of the process since our North York paralegals will give you all the required explanations.

If you need a free paralegal advice in North York, Just Cause Advocacy is your best destination. We are one of the top paralegal firms in North York and the surrounding areas.

FAQs about Paralegal Services

Paralegals are permitted to act as legal agents in various judicial matters, including Small Claims Courtlandlord & tenantbreach of contract, and more. Just Cause Advocacy also serves clients in diverse areas of law within the scope of paralegal’s authority in North York, Ontario. We have compiled together a list of your top questions about paralegal services in North York to keep you well-informed in this regard. Please feel free to contact us and ask your questions that are not included in the following list.  

Just Cause Advocacy have the necessary experience and education to provide legal services as far as they are authorized by the Law Society of Ontario. Licensed paralegals are permitted to represent companies, individuals, etc., in the following areas:


  • Small Claim Courts
  • Tribunal Advocacy
  • RSLA matters
  • Traffic offences
  • Landlord & tenant disputes
  • And more

Just Cause Advocacy is a well-reputed paralegal office located Mississauga and serves clients within the scope of paralegals’ authority all over GTA including North York, Thornhill, Markham, Richmondhill and more. We also specialize in notary public services. Reach us through a phone call and benefit from our free consultation. 

There are many important tasks that small claims paralegals in North York are responsible for. In fact, their duties affect the whole law firm, and other legal professionals can’t work efficiently without the presence of paralegals. Some of their tasks are listed here.

  • They prepare the care before you go to the court.
  • They do related legal research.
  • They manage important documents.
  • They help other legal professionals and handle court cases.
  • They manage all critical coordination and take care of clients.

Their duties aren’t limited to this list and are mostly focused on providing the right information in a legal process, hearings, trials, and actions.

Are you looking for a successful paralegal in North York and the surrounding areas? Visit us at Just Cause Advocacy. We provide you a 30 minutes free paralegal advice to help you with your legal issues.

It’s a very common question our clients in North York ask. It typically depends on the legal case you are dealing with, and it should be examined by our experts first. There might be options to settle your legal issue out of the court. Although some matters in small claims court can be presented by our North York paralegals, it can’t be possible for everyone.

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