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Proftional Landlord and Tenant Disputes in Toronto

The landlord and tenant laws and regulations are extremely important since they delineate the right to someone’s home. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you may need to handle the disputes related to your lease agreement. 

According to a lease agreement, a tenant is entitled to use a property for a specified period of time provided that they regularly pay the agreed-upon rent. However, a tenant may fail to make regular payments. In such situations, the landlord can refer the matters to the Landlord and Tenant Board, where it will be legally decided.

The order for eviction issued by Landlord and Tenant Board is a “voidable order,” which means providing that the overdue payments are made by the time indicated in the order, the tenant will not be forced to leave the rental unit and can continue the tenancy. 

Keep in mind that in case there is a notice for a hearing from Landlord and Tenant Board, you need to attend the hearing. If you are a tenant and fail to participate in the hearing, the board may decide on giving an order for eviction in your absence, and if you are the landlord and you do not show up, the case may be closed. Finally, in such critical legal matters, seeking advice from a professional will be of great help in dealing with the proceedings without confusion.

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