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The legal matters outlined under the Small Claims Court generally cover the Recovery of Debt and contractual enforcement. In these forms of legal claims, the court will handle mostly financial cases, such as payment of a loan and the reclaiming personal properties, limited to the amount of up to $35,000. On such issues, seeking immediate and effective legal advice is essential for reaching the desired result. 

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 If you have received a “Plaintiff’s Claim,” the first and foremost step is to have a legal representative by your side to help you read and analyze the case to find out about the complainant, the claim, the due date for filing the Defence and the best course of legal action you can take. Bear in mind that under no circumstances should you ignore the Claim; you have to read it carefully and should prepare a “Defence” (or a response); otherwise, the Plaintiff can automatically be recognized as rightful, and the case will be dismissed and results in your failure. Next, you will need to draft a “Defence,” using the assistance of a legal representative, in which you mention all the reasons for your being sued without enough justified proof. Afterward, the final version of your defence is filed in court and all the parties involved in the lawsuit. The rest of the case will be pursued in court following the legal procedures.

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